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End of life vehicle disposal (ELV)

Scrap vehicles need to be disposed of responsibly; the Government’s End of Life Vehicle Directive (2000/53/EC) aims to have 95% of every vehicle recycled by 2015. With scrap vehicles being made up of so many different waste components, effective disposal of every element is paramount both for safety and for the environment.

As a fully-licensed Automotive Treatment Facility (ATF), we’re able to take a scrap vehicle and recycle as much of the component materials as we can. Before a vehicle can recycled, it needs to be de-polluted. The de-pollution process ensures that all hazardous materials are removed from each vehicle, as well as positive elements that can be recycled, before it is shredded and sorted for recycling.

Once a scrap vehicle has undergone the de-pollution and recycling process, we take care of the paperwork: we issue the owner/document holder with a Certificate of Destruction and complete the destruction process on the DVLA website.

At Sackers we are proud to be members of three major car take-back schemes:     more information

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Sackers are friendly, approachable and above all professional in how they manage our various waste streams and continue to introduce innovative ideas that both reduce costs and increase our ability to recycle.

John Richardson - Waste & Environment Manager, NHS Ipswich Hospital