commercial waste

Skip sizes

8 Cubic Yard Builders' Skip
Our most popular skip. Suitable for mixed, heavy waste. Used by the building trade and for larger house renovations or garden/house clearance. 

Dimensions (approximate):
Height:            4’ (1.22m)
Length:           12’ (3.66m)
Width:             5’6” (1.68m)

Size Guide:
Fits approximately 65-85 black bin bags and takes the space of a medium-sized saloon car.

10 Cubic Yard Maxi Skip
Higher than a builders’ skip. Used mainly by builders and for domestic renovations.

Dimensions (approximate):
Height:            5’6” (1.6m)
Length:           13’8” (4.2m)
Width:             6’ (1.84m)

Size Guide:
Fits approximately 180-210 black bin bags.

20-40 Cubic Yard Roll-on-Roll-Off Container*
For project and contracts that involve large volumes of waste

20 Cubic Yard Skip Dimensions (approximate):
Height:            6’1” (1.85m)
Length:           20’ (6.1m)
Width:             7’9” (2.4m)

40 Cubic Yard Skip Dimensions (approximate)
Height:            8’2” (2.51m)
Length:           20’ (6m)
Width:             7’9” (2.4m)

*MUST be sited off the public highway

With the help of Sackers and our supporters we have reached a little over 85% recycling rate.

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