who we are


Founded in 1929, Sackers is a family owned, family run business specialising in total waste managementmeet our team here.

From our 7-acre site in Great Blakenham, Suffolk we accept, collect and manage scrap metal, commercial and industrial waste and coordinate our fleet of skips, containers and haulage vehicles and lifting equipment, all geared up for providing the service that businesses and domestic households need to ensure that their waste is dealt with in the most economical, environmentally-friendly and worthwhile way.

We provide bespoke waste collection, recycling and disposal solutions for large and small business and are committed to recovering value from waste materials using our considerable expertise. We actively promoting recycling options as an alternative to more traditional methods of disposal such as landfill or incineration and, being a friendly bunch, we offer a personal service with expert guidance to businesses to ensure that every kind of waste is dealt in the most efficient way – taking the hassle out of waste management and the legal requirements involved.

As buyers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals we’re also flexible and reliable; handling individual consignments and regular orders. A truly global company, Sackers trade in scrap metal throughout the world and are experienced in its preparation to internationally recognised grades.

With vehicle disposal, we adhere to the End of Life Vehicle Directive (2000/52/EC) and operate a fully licensed Automotive Treatment Facility. This ensures the removal of all hazardous components before the recycling process begins. Offering the best prices for all grades of scrap metal, including cars, we also produce high quality shredded rubber from recycled cars, which can be used in recreation and sports facilities.

As a business, we value growth and innovation and we pass on the benefits of this approach to both the environment and our customers.


With the help of Sackers and our supporters we have reached a little over 85% recycling rate.

Trevor Kirton - Stadium Manager, Ipswich Town Football Club