commercial waste

Wood and green waste

It is estimated that 750,000 tonnes of waste wood is produced in the field of construction and demolition each year in the UK – that’s a lot of waste and a lot of wood that can be recycled. Packaging pallets and crates produce a further 670,000 tonnes. In terms of green waste, garden and park waste, grass, hedge and tree trimmings – all can be dealt with at Sackers, and the environmental impact kept to a minimum.

Whether you’re a landscape gardener or the site manager of a construction site; whether you’re a furniture manufacturer or a tree surgeon, we can help you manage your wood and green waste - talk to us about your needs and we’ll take a look at the best way to collect and recycle your waste.

We also offer total waste management - if your business regularly produces other types of waste - from paper and plastic to glass; from electronics to scrap metal, talk to us about cutting through the legislation and giving yourself more time to manage your business; one supplier, one point of contact for all your waste management needs.

With the help of Sackers and our supporters we have reached a little over 85% recycling rate.

Trevor Kirton - Stadium Manager, Ipswich Town Football Club